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We started showing  and breeding over twenty five years ago, which only seems like yesterday  it was always our intention to show and breed Tonkinese,  we have never regretted the day we brought our first kitten and getting involved, we feel we have made many friends, plus the much appreciated help we received when we first started in this wonderful breed
We are proud to show you part of our escape proof garden which allows all our a cats a normal life as possible not confined to a certain area, The cat quarters you see we call our detention center or if a cat  fancy's a quite sleep, most prefer my company in the conservatory or kitchen, any Mum's with kittens when old enough may enjoy a day out during the summer months, all kittens are born in our lounge allowing them daily attention, I pride in myself with the way I care for my kittens from the day they are born until the day they leave, can assure you no kitten never leaves without plenty of confidance  
All the Tonkinese Cats in our cattery are now Fecheldee breeding that we enjoy showing with a lot of success all our cats past and present have achived from our breeding, Imperial Champions Grand Champions and Champions (currently the only breeder to have achieved this)  we like to feel our breeding programme has given a good Tonkinese breed standard with quality kittens at pet prices from our show winning Queens that can be seen on our Queen's page 
We would like to thank you for your valuable time in reading about us.

Where did the name Fecheldee come from many people ask.

  We will explain. 

Having two grown up daughters and one son we call

                       Fiona            Michelle          David                        

Fe                Chel               Dee

    Which makes



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