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  I feel this page is not to benefit myself but to offer you free advice.


When buying your kitten I appreciate the excitement but remember you should have the following, from a reputable breeder which should come automatic

A pedigree

A pink registration form from the GCCF that corresponds with the pedigree
  without either you could be buying a non pedigree kitten as you have no proof of parents I have been surprised the amount of people I have spoken to in the past who have brought a kitten at a reasonable price or paid big money without papers.

No pedigree kitten under GCCF rules should not be sold before thirteen weeks old

Take a good look at the premises, think to yourself am I happy the way the kitten has experienced life so far, should have no runny eyes or tummy trouble and be full of life remember you are paying a lot of money so what you are looking for is a healthy kitten that is going to be with you for a long time, if any doubts give yourself thinking time, there will always be other kittens available some where else, which I would always be willing to try and find for you

        Happy hunting

          GCCF is the equivalent to the Kennel club

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