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Unfortunately we lost our much loved Fecheldee Fenella after a short illness, Fenella never did like going to shows and enjoyed life more around the house with a personality that made her that bit special.




It is with much sadness we have to announce on Monday 1st June 2009 we had to part with our wonderful cream girl Champion & Grand Premier Romantica Carina that did us proud by winning Best in Show at both The Tonkinese Cat Club and Tonkinese Breed Club Shows plus being very successful at most championship shows we know she was admired by many for her colour and laid back temperament nothing worried her, we will never have another girl like her, which makes this difficult to write all though we know in our own hearts we did all we could for her over the last few months and she did not suffer in any way when her kidneys failed her in the end

Coral & Vince


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